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    Vaping? Let's talk!


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    Vaping? Let's talk!

    Post by khbaur330162 on Thu Mar 10, 2016 4:05 am

    I've been vaping for a while now. Started out with a little KangerTech "EVOD V V 1600mAh" pen and KangerTech Protank 3 atomizer. Basically the "V V" as far as the pen is concerned stands for variable voltage because at the bottom of the pen there's this little twisty thing that goes from 3.2 to 4.8 which is measured in volts. This allows me to have some control over how much vapor I get per hit, or how hard I can draw, etc. If you know much about vaping you know what I'm talking about. If you don't know what I'm talking about but you're still reading it doesn't matter. Anyway, I liked the Protank 3. I purchased like a 10-pack of coils and they treated me very well. I dabbled in cracking them open and replacing the cotton myself, but never the wire. I mainly vaped on "tobacco" flavored juices because they tasted good to me. I was aware there were candy flavored juices, but they didn't really interest me too much. I am a smoker and I like the flavor of the cigs that I smoke so I decided to try and replicate that flavor in searching for "Turkish Tobacco" flavored juice on the internet which I bought from China.

    I landed myself a job which forced me to drive around in a truck a lot, crawl around in peoples' attics, bang my legs up against ladders and trees, etc. It was not the most suitable job for vaping, imo. I was afraid to even bring my vape pen because I thought I might break it. So, back to smoking cigarettes. Not "good." Well, I quite that job a few months into it and landed another job at a warehouse for 3rd shift. Still smoking cigarettes, not vaping much at all if at all. Well I quit that job, too, because the music they played in the warehouse was driving me insane. Don't get me wrong, I liked the job, I liked the people there more or less, but the music was practically boiling my brain into a soup. I had to leave. Maybe I could have spoken to my boss about the music? I think it was like satellite radio. No, he would have said, "Omfg, this kid's crazy. Who did I hire? You're contemplating quitting because you can't stand the music? I'll help you out. You're fired." So I left and got a job at Home Depot; graveyard shift again. There was a guy who worked in the lumber department in my home town. His name was Vigo, I believe. I was on a project that had me walking through the lumber department and I saw him exhale a gigantic plume of vapor. I stopped him and we talked. We talked for so long it made me uncomfortable. I was on a project and I was supposed to be focusing on project efficiency. Vigo did not care. He said that he's got shit to do and he's always busy, but he had no problem taking what seemed like (and very well may have been) an hour out of his eight hour work day to talk to me about vaporizers while on the clock. I played along and he taught me a lot about vaporizers in that time. He also told me about his interest in computers and video games and even laughed at my computer which has a graphics card that I literally took apart and hacked up with a Dremel so as to epoxy putty the fan back onto the rest of the graphics card housing at an angle so it could fit inside my P.O.S. (which I love) HP Compaq 6200 Pro Microtower which I bought refurbished off eBay for suuuper cheap. Anyway, Vigo even gave me some online resources to find out more about vaping, too. I went online and began researching. Lots of cool new stuff I knew nothing about. My old vape setup had become a dinosaur. I didn't have much money, but vaping could help me save money if it could slow me down on smoking cigarettes. This was the time.

    I bought a Velocity RDA clone and an Eleaf iStick 100. Ehhhh, I was sort of happy. It made vapor, I could build my own coils and wick it and stuff. But juice went places I didn't want it to and what not. It still wasn't something I felt comfortable to bring to work and working at Home Depot was much easier on my vape setup. I could leave it in my coat, fold my coat up, and leave my coat in such a way that juice wouldn't spill out of the Velocity RDA and get all over my coat pocket. But of course it did eventually and I said eff this I need a tank. In comes the SMOK TFV4. Awesomesauce. The single coil build deck had stripped screw holes from the factory, but I had bought a dual coil build deck along with the TFV4 as a bundle and that one worked so I didn't even care. Never emailed SMOK saying, "Hey, double you tee eff, mate, your build deck was shipped to me broke..." These build decks are so cheap I forgave them immediately. That said, SMOK might want to work on their QC department because I've had three of their rebuildable build decks come into my hands and only one has worked. Maybe that's just my luck, I haven't done too much research on SMOK, nor have I heard much about QC issues concerning their rebuildables. BUT I have heard really good things about their pre-built coils. So, I stand by SMOK. I think it's a good company, the TFV4 I bought from them is still rockin', is built like a tank, and a pleasure to vape on.

    My current favorite setup is a Geekvape Griffon on top of a triple parallel mech box mod made by pegasusdrag who is this guy on eBay making mechanical box mods which I adore. This box mod is not for everybody, there is a learning curve to using it, but for me, I freaking love it. I'm vaping on it right now. Creamy Blueberry by E Juice Girl. Her prices are unbeatable. Her flavors are on point. Her website is beautiful. I love her. So much win. I will post a picture of my vaping setup when I am able to.

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