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    Chi-Raq the movie, systemic "inequality" in Englewood


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    Chi-Raq the movie, systemic "inequality" in Englewood

    Post by khbaur330162 on Wed Mar 09, 2016 3:30 pm

    Watched maybe half of this movie last night. Love everything about it so far despite its excruciatingly dark overtone. It makes me think about how difficult it has been for Blacks to network with the rest of society in order to create meaningful, lasting jobs for their demographic that can keep kids educated with gangs off the streets. The "fact" that gangs are as influential in their society is disturbing. I'd like to raise money in order to donate 3D printers to Chicago's public schools in order to stimulate CAD classes, audio engineering classes, economics classes, morals/ethics classes and more at as young of an age as possible for these lessons to stick and take form. The open source headphone project I'm attempting to push for could have the potential to create a "currency" in the form of printing headphone parts, assembling headphone kits for interested individuals that can be shipped all over the world at "cost of materials," and anything else that might come with an open source headphone project, i.e. publicity, among other things.

    If you haven't seen Chi-Raq I suggest you do. I have not finished the film, but it's very, very good and I highly recommend it.

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