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    ECR-500 Disassembly


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    ECR-500 Disassembly

    Post by khbaur330162 on Mon Mar 07, 2016 1:08 pm

    The ear pads pull off, no problems there. On the baffles there are a few screws holding in protective plastic grills which are situated in front of the drivers. Removing these does not give you full access to the drivers, however. In order to gain access to behind the drivers (and remove the drivers without damaging them), imo you should get a flat head screw driver, preferably one with the biggest, fattest head you can find and place it between the Black driver housing and Silver finished trim piece like so here

    Twist the screw driver to apply some torque and pry the trim piece upward. You'll probably have to do this a few times around the circumference before you can pull it off by hand.

    Furthermore, here

    and here

    you can see there's a Copper retaining piece that's applying spring force between the trim and driver housing which is what's keeping the trim piece on. There may be some corrosion to the Copper piece (as you can see in my photos) so expect some flaky Green gunk to fall out as you pry the trim off. Maybe hold the phones over a garbage can or perform this operation someplace where you don't care about dirt accumulating. Once you gain access to this area of the headphone it should be apparent how to remove and/or work on the drivers.

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